Highlights of Sundarbans Tour

A Mangrove Forest Boat Tour

If you want to see the mangrove forest in the Sundarbans, then you have to take a boat ride. One can get to see this beautiful mangrove forest from the boat as well as the Royal Bengal Tiger, dolphins, crocodiles, etc. found here. Beautiful birds will be found in the mangrove forest which adds to the thrill of the Sundarbans tour.

Get the best River Boat Cruise experience

One of the most important parts of the Sundarban tour is Boat Cruise, its experience is going to be a memorable one for you. While on Boat Cruise, one can get to see beautiful birds like Small Minivet, Black-hooded Oriole, Mangrove Whistler, Cinnamon Bittern, etc. Also, some special animals can be seen such as crocodiles, spotted deer, wild boar, snakes, and water monitor lizards. If the luck of the people favors you, then you can get to see the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sundarban National Park

The Sundarbans National Park was created for the Tiger, hence it is called the National Park. Anyone planning a Sunderbans tour must visit the Sunderbans National Park as it is one of the famous Royal Bengal Tigers to be seen as well as very attractive dolphins, crocodiles, Batagur Baska, Leopards, Rhinoceros, Wild Buffaloes, Wild Hogs, Wild in this forest. Cats, Barasinga, Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, and Monkeys are found. Very attractive birds can be seen.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

If you are touring Sundarbans then you have to come to Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary. This is a very safe place. That's why everyone wants to come here and enjoy nature. Many birds will be seen here which enhances the pride of the place.

Sightsee from the Watch Towers

Another most exciting way to see the wild animals here during the Sundarbans tour is the watch tower. There are many watch towers in the Sundarbans. Your tour operator will help you with the view from which tower you can see the Sundarbans. The view of the Sundarbans can be seen far from the watch tower, which is very exciting.


Marichjhanpi is one of the attractive tourist places of Sundarbans which everyone should visit once. This is a place situated on the delta of river Ganges from where you can enjoy the nature of Sundarbans. The mangrove forest also looks beautiful from here. Tour operators will give you complete information about this place. You can capture some golden moments here with your camera.

Special Attraction & Activities At Sundarban Tour


Boat Safari

The biggest part of the Sundarbans tour is the boat safari which will enthrall you. Due to the boat safari, one can enjoy seeing the natural view of the Sundarbans. Wild animals found in the forest can be seen like Crocodiles, Dolphins. Lizards. Pythons, King Cobras, and Royal Bengal Tiger. Many types of birds are also found here. The boat safari is going to be a pleasant one for you.

Bird Watching

Who does not know how attractive it is to see a bird. Many birds are found in the Sundarbans, more than 400 birds are found. Some special birds that will attract you to see are Black-hooded Oriole, Mangrove Whistler, Cinnamon Bittern, Swamp francolin etc.


Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Here you will get to enjoy the nature walk. Spread more than 1 kilometer long, by walking on this path, one can see the nature of the forest as well as wild animals. You can also enjoy seeing the birds here.

Local Folk Dance

All the tourists visiting the Sundarbans see and enjoy the local folk dance. This is a very unique and ancient dance that is performed by the local women here. This local folk dance reflects the culture here.

Local Folk Dance

Bana bibi

Banabibi Drama Show

The local people of Sundarbans believe that Banbibi Devi protects the animals living in the forest. It is shown in the form of a drama that how this goddess helps the people here.

Fire Camp

Another activity in Sundarbans is Fire Camp. In winter, the fire camp attracts a lot of tourists here. If you come for a tour in the Sundarbans, then you can definitely enjoy the fire camp, then you can contact our tour operator.

Fire Camp

Special Dishes

FAQ on Sundarbans Tours

The Sundarbans National Park is accessible by sea and waterways only. The best thing to do in the Sundarbans is to watch the world famous Royal Bengal tigers, who happen to be the tigers most prone to interacting with humans. Other activities include birding tours, boating tours, fishing and camping within the boundaries of the national park.

By Air: The nearest airport to the Sunderbans National Park is Kolkata's Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, located 120 kilometers away. From the start point of the Sunderbans safari at Godkhali Port, you may hire a taxi or cab from the airport that will take approximately three hours.

By Train: The major railway station near Kanthibari is the Sealdah Railway Station and the nearest local railway station is Canning Railway Station. The Sealdah Railway Station is a major junction railway station in West Bengal and it's on the main route for the northeast railway zone. You can use regular trains from Sealdah to reach other areas of India including the Canning Railway Station which will take one and a half hours by train. Or you can also take a private taxi or public transport to get to Sunderbans at Godkhali, followed by a boat ride for safari.

By Road: The traveler can take the public bus from Kolkata to Canning and continue onward to Godkhali. It is best, however, to take a taxi or hire a private car as the public bus does not run often. The distance from Kolkata to Godkhali is 120 km and from Canning to Godkhali is 64 km.

The best time to visit Sundarbans is during the dry season. It takes place from November to April and the temperature will be most comfortable and pleasant, so there are no mosquitoes. During this period, you'll have more dry sand beaches for you to enjoy; dolphins, birds, and mangroves will all be abundant.
The best romantic places to visit for a Sundarbans tour are Sunderbans National Park.
Do not swim in the forest. The forests are home to tigers, their prey and their predators. There is also a risk of crocodiles and venomous snakes nearby. Also do not disturb the animals while they are at rest, sunbathing, or making nests.
The Sundarbans National Park is the best place to go if you're looking for a wildlife tour.
The Sundarbans are completely safe to visit, but you do have to follow the rules of the area. Tour companies will provide these rules or they can be found online.
The Sundarbans tour may seem cheap because it is not as well known as other tours, but that is all part of the fun! We want to show you how beautiful and serene this side of Bangladesh can be.
The best place to visit at night is the Sundarbans delta where you can watch families of crocs, at Sundarbans Forest Reserve one hour after sunset.
All our safaris have the same charges and timings. The charges depend on what you choose. One day safari starts at 9 am and it will end by 5 pm with one hour of sunset evening fishing activity

Experience of Sundarbans Tours with us

Bikash Roy

"It was an amazing experience, we visited the famous Sundarbans National Park to watch Royal Bengal tigers and other fauna in their natural habitat. I would recommend this tour to anyone who likes nature!"

Ajoy Saha

"I would recommend Sundarbans tour for anyone who wants to explore life in Bangladesh. The harbors were beautiful and the people nice."

Sanjay Banerjee

"I have never visited Sundarbans before, but part of the experience that made it so incredible was going on a vacation with Sundarbans tours. I really appreciate their professionalism and service!"

Tanmoy Mitra

"I had an amazing time at Sundarbans wildlife reserve and want to share my experience with any potential visitors, so I am writing this testimonial. My family and I went on a 2-day tour through Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, Land of the Tiger and it was magical. The entire trip was organized perfectly and we had a chance to go kayaking in the mangrove jungle."

Chinmnoy Raha

"I would like to share my experience of going on a Sundarbans Tour. It was such a wonderful experience. I just loved the place and was so happy that I got to see it."